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(posted on 3 Jan 2010)

Canadian Artist Julia Trops
Multi-Artist Studio Gallery Opens at the RCA
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Studio 113 - A New Artist Cooperative opening Feb 2010
Multi-artist studio gallery opens at the RCA
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Okanagan, BC - Jan 1 2010 - A four artist studio gallery will open in early 2010 at the Rotary Centre for the Arts. Julia Trops, who was the sole occupant of Studio 113 for the last four years, has opened her space up to three artist friends Anjy Bonten, Rebekah Wilkinson and Trina Ganson.

Trops explains, "My friends and I have been talking about a cooperative for over a year now, and as with all things, the timing needs to be right."

She continues, "After graduating in 2001 from the University of Lethbridge BFA program, I've been in the RCA as a solo artist since it opened in 2002. I feel that it is time for me to move on in the sense of letting go of some of the art community interaction, and focusing more on my own work. I will still keep ties to the RCA, and I know this increase of artist density will help the RCA as well."

More Artists

"More artists will have the same opportunities I had, and this exposure will open the spectrum for cultural interest in a number of ways: it will cover a larger number of age groups as well as a wider variety of styles and disciplines. We will have a number of focused shows to further engage the community."

Tracie Ward, Executive Director for the RCA: "This is a very exciting development, and the RCA will benefit from having increased usage." It will continue to be a workspace, but the community interaction in terms of artist presence and instruction will be increased.

Angela Bonten

Angela Bonten is actively involved in the Arts Council of the Central Okanagan as the Director of the Artscape program. Bonten coordinates art exhibits for professional and emerging artists in various public venues in Kelowna such as Okanagan College's new Centre for Learning, Kelowna Community Theatre and the 2nd floor Kelowna Library.

"My artistic career spans over 30 years. I am excited about the opportunity of sharing a working space with Julia, Rebekah and Trina," Bonten says. "Graduating from both a fibre art program and a visual art program, I have exhibited across Canada and have been included in many juried shows. As we are diverse artists it will be exciting to see how the creativity explodes as we become acutely aware of each others artistic endeavours. As well as painting, this opportunity will allow me to further explore my paper making and fabric art and I expect to offer classes in this medium."

Rebekah Wilkinson

Rebekah Wilkinson, an artist who holds a BFA from the University of Guelph, and who does work in charcoal and acrylic, is quite excited about undertaking this new adventure in the RCA. "I can't wait to work with these ladies as together we have great energy. All of us are go-getters, and will be a terrific boost for the RCA by adding our various disciplines. I look forward to turning this energy into enormous success. It should be a ton of fun!"

"We will be having an opening for this new coop Studio 113 on Thursday, February 4 during the First Thursday event. But starting in January, the four of us will be rearranging and setting up our gallery/studio space in the RCA."

Trina Ganson

Trina Ganson is a printmaker who specializes in lift prints, and monoprints, intaglio and other forms of etching. Trina holds a BFA from the University of BC Okanagan and many in the art community will know her from her traditional day job with Opus Art Supplies. She has exhibited in various venues including with the Malaspina Printmakers Society, as well as SOPA here in Kelowna.

"We have a number of shows/exhibitions planned that would take us through 2010 and the main floor studio corridor will be dynamically activated. I am very excited about the possibilities presented by the RCA, and I love to teach Printmaking."

Grand Opening, meet the artists

For more about these artists, please visit their websites, and come down for the Grand Opening on February 4th during the First Thursday 4-7 pm. An Angela Bonten artwork was chosen for the the cover of the James Avery CD "Textures Canadiana". You can meet Anjy and see her work in conjunction with the Avery CD release concert on 23rd January at the Mary Irwin Theatre.

Websites: Julia Trops, Anjy Bonten, Rebekah Wilkinson, Trina Ganson

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