Angela Bonten Fine Art
Mixed Media, Abstract, Expressionist, Landscape

Evolutionary Fugue youtube.. about the process.

This exhibition is about leaving your mark, and the inescapable effects of change. It was a personal exploratory journey for myself.The exhibition was first shown at The Rotary Centre for the Arts, 2011

Artist Angela Bonten's statement:
"We are all existing in a constant state of change. Our thoughts, conversations, words of today will not be remembered verbatim tomorrow. We absorb and remember snippets of what happens to us and, at a later date, reiterate only partial memories of those thoughts and words.

As an artist I leave a visual mark on canvas.
I wondered how others would feel leaving their marks on canvas too.
15 people participated in this project by journaling on a canvas for approximately 6 weeks.

When the canvas was returned to me I began recreating the canvas, jumbling the words through a process of ripping, re-sewing, painting and adding to the canvas.
The positioning of the words were now changed, still there in fragmented sentences, partially visible or in a new context.
Images, thoughts, words, ideas are a part of the fabric that define who were are as individuals.
The finished artwork was a textured, tapestry like capsule of a moment in each persons life. The process had not only become a personal healing and growing journey for myself but a journey for the participants too.

This exhibition integrates the words and thoughts of the participants into the artistic process and vision of the artist.

The resulting exhibition is a series of multi-layered textural paintings that show both the personality of the artist and the participant.

The exhibition is now evolving and canvas pieces are being given out across Canada for individuals to leave their wriiten mark on and return to me. I will then begin the process again, integrating the words and marks of towns and cities... who knows what will evolve!! “